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PLEASE NOTE : I AM BANNED FROM FACEBOOK BUT I AM ON TWITTER https://twitter.com/KarenJoyLyster Or contact me on karenlyster@gmail.com ************************************************************

Welcome to UFO's The Beginning of a New World. This site deals with the many different aspects of UFO's, with the latest UFO sightings from around the world. Plus there are articles on Crop Circles and theories about what causes these formations. There are many articles about UFO Abductions, and UFO Abduction stories, plus items covering Cattle Mutilations, Earth Changes, and prophecy of the rise in these types of events, such as earthquakes from around the world. You will also find the work of Sir Laurence Gardner covered in this site which focues on the Holy Grail, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Genesis of the Grail King, Lord of the Rings and many other Religious interpretations of the Bible itself, plus the life and work of Jesus Christ and how much of a role Mary Magdalene played. Laurence Gardners work also deals with such topics are The Knights Templar, White Powder Gold and it's healing properties. Also covered on this site are sections on Mind Control, Military and Government plus historical Conspiracy, reports of Alien Implants, Remote Viewing, work by Richard Hoagland and the Face On Mars. New Age Predictions, information on the infamous Rennes-le-Chateau Mysteries, News Coverups. Ancient Egypt and it's history, plus research papers on our own Human Origins. Much to read here!

Photos of Young Boy punished by Shia Law (WARNING: they are graphic)
How to Build A Successful Website
Gillette Put Spy Chips In Products
Urgent Starchild Skull Update
Company put aids virus in its medicine
Obituary: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Mind Control: The Ultimate Brave New World
Harvey Cooke - A Tribute.
ET Photo?
Indonesia : UFO/Meteor Video
Seeds of Heaven - Life After Death
A Whitewash : Brutal Suppression Of Evidence
A Reply To Jennings
The Scum Rises - Peter Jennings On UFOs
Latest UFO Sightings from around the World
Laurence Gardner on Ancient Secret Science
AntiGravity : Holy Grail of the 21st Century
The Dragon Snake : A Solomon Islands UFO Mystery
Big Oil and the War on Drugs and Terrorism
The Henoch Prophecies : from the Billy Meier Contacts
Mystery of the Calendar : Vladimir Pakhomov
Caskets & The Family Tomb Of Jesus : by Laurence Gardner
The official site of Laurence Gardner
~URGENT UPDATE~ The Starchild Project
Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control
Religion : Sometimes It's Just Barking Mad
Evidence of Military Involvement In Abductions
UFO Buzzes Chilean Town - Photo
Mutilated Sheep Found In Uruguay
Argentina UFOs - 15 Lights Taped
Latest Photos and News on Crop Circles
Cosmic Deception : Let the Citizen Beware by Steven M. Greer M.D.
Nigerian Scam : Kiwi Couple Lost $36,000!
The Literal Creation Of Man by Lloyd Pye
The DISCLOSURE Project : Helping bring about the end to UFO secrecy
Saving the Savior : An Explosive New Book!
Another UFO Photographed over Popo Volcano
Cattle Mutiliations Back in the News
The CIA's UFO History
Missing Time : On Board A UFO
Earliest Human Ancestor? Not Likely!
Carabineros Close 'Chupacabras' Case
Photo of Russian Crop Circle
Echelon's Cover Blown 120 Sat. Monitor Emails
Echelon : Spying On Japan For 20 Years
Enhanced Shroud of Turin Images : Dr J Desalvo
Holy Smoke & Mirrors: Vatican Conspiracy
Meetings with Remarkable Aliens : Linda Howe
Unresolved Deaths In Oklahoma Bombing
The Weaponization of Space : UFO Magazine
When UFO's Land : Popular Mechanics
Study : Pilot Encounters with UFOs
30 Crucial OKC Bombing Questions
Popular Mechanics Magazine Say UFO's Are Real
Shroud Of Turin - Older Than Carbon-14 Date
The Case of Adam's Alien Genes : Sitchin
The Secret Of Our Reflected Universe
Face to Face With A Grey - Raw Terror!
**Of Course We Went To the Bloody Moon!**
Lights/Objects Sighted Over NZ & Australia
Debunkers : Please Line Up For An IQ Test
Skulls In The Closet (Skull & Bones)
A Rare Look Inside Skull & Bones
Chupacabra Found in Nicaragua?
Human Mutilation Case : Did Aliens Do This?
Misconceptions About Alien Abductions

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