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Since the article Inside The SIS Headquarters was posted I've had a number of people contact me about the story. Some "on the record" and some "off the record". Due to the sensitive nature of this issue, the names of the individuals who contacted me will be kept out of this article.


"The location where the SIS building was on Taranaki Street (along with the next door Army drill hall, and the army HQ across the other side of Buckle Street, and the museum), used to be the site of the old Mt Cook prison, dungeons and all. Apparently it was not a very nice place at all. This was before the drill hall, Army HQ, and museum were built. (Editors note: this paragraph has been edited to protect the individuals identity). The whole complex, including the SIS building, was a real rabbit warren."

"(Editors note : again this paragraph has been edited to protect privacy) ....................................................... old prison building, made of the unmistakeably marked prison bricks."

"I can assure you that the remains of the prison, including the dungeon, were not used for any purpose except storage, certainly not by the SIS."

Editors Note : I'm still not sold on the "they were not used" line - As I have mentioned in the previous article the stench of human confinement in these dungeons permeated the entire area to such a degree that I find it hard to believe that anyone used the shooting range without gagging on the thick air, that certainly would have surrounded them. That was one of the things I thought about - in actual fact I stood exactly where an SIS Officer would have stood, I took aim using my imaginary rifle, and I purposed smelled the foul air to see just how pungent it was. During this "Annie Get Ya Gun" enactment I was standing just a few feet away from the first Dungeon and I can assure you, that anyone using the Shooting Range would have had a hell of a time concentrating on the target with that insidious stench so close.

As for the small arms rifle range, it was actually part of the next door Army complex, not part of the SIS part of the building, and I often used it myself for shooting practice, being a (edited out).................".

Editors Note : Again I question this answer, as I didn't enter the Shooting range through the Army's building, I entered the Shooting Range/Dungeons through the SIS BUILDING. So this statement made by the SIS is totally incorrect - next thing they'll be telling me that the Dungeons are actually owned by McDonalds and are for the children to play in ;)

"In fact I think the original reason SIS HQ was in that complex was its proximity (and part of) the army buildings, which afforded it a measure of camouflage (in the early days), and also security. I'm not sure about the hidden room, but we did have living quarters, and bars, and an officers mess, as part of the total complex, which SIS officers also had access to. The SIS would also have had duty officers quarters, as they certainly maintained a 24 hour duty system, as well as 24 hours communications. On our side of the wall, we also maintained 24 hour communications, and duty officers. Standard practice in the services. No doubt their duty officer quarters would have been more comfortable than ours."

Editors Note : The above does not answer my questions about the secret room. If it was merely the doss-down of an Army Officer, then either he was the most paranoid man on the planet and hid the entrance to his abode more carefully than a dog hides a bone, or this excuse is a load of yak manure. Also in the previous article I failed to mention an extremely important point about this "hidden room". The room itself overlooked Taranaki street and therefore had a full set of windows facing out towards the main road - but these were no ordinary windows, they were the type that you could see out, but you couldn't see in. I know this, as I made the point of switching off all the lights in the building, except for the hidden room, and I made one of the guys go outside and stand in front of the window. I could see him perfectly, but to him, there were no lights on in the SIS building, even though he was gazing up at the windows where I was looking right back at him. So .... if this was merely an place for some SIS Officer to lay his weary head, then my name is Elle McPherson ;)

"You are probably aware that the SIS is now housed in the top floors of the Stout St Defence HQ building."

"The large chiller room was probably part of an original logistics unit, which looked after rations and transport, not just for the army, but for most of defence. By the time I worked there we still had the main defence transport unit housed there, but rations and stores had moved elsewhere."

Editors Note : This explanation for the chiller is probably true I believe.

"I'm not sure when the army moved out or when the drill hall was demolished, as I was overseas, but I presume that the SIS part of the complex was the last bit to be demolished. You'll be aware that the HQ building across Buckle St is still there, but now a Navy Reserve office I think."

"(large section of this para has been Edited out) ...................................... There are certainly secure conference rooms, and secure communications facilities in Stout St, but no rifle range, and no cells. In fact .......................................... housing some extraordinary operations I'm sure."

Editors Note : Yes I bet it does house some "extraordinary operations".

Over and out ;)

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