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Family Videotapes Its Own UFO Close Encounter In Texas

A very interesting case has come in this week where the Cardenas family from Washington State had a UFO encounter which they have managed to videotape.

Because of copyright reasons I'm unable to give you all the details here and include the photographs, but those interested in reading about this encounter can visit Sightings On the Radio for the full story which you can read here.

Santiago Yturria is the UFO Researcher investigating this particular case and he is very well respected in the field of Ufology.

Now onto the latest UFO Sightings & News

Please note : Some of these reports come from UFO Roundup, Filers Files and The Australian UFO Network.

If you have a UFO sighting you'd like share then please E-Mail Reports to: Joseph Trainor Masinaigan@aol.com or use the Sighting Report Form at http://ufoinfo.com/forms/form_sighting.htm

Strange Lights, Atmosphereic Conditions over Australia/New Zealand 26th January 2001

Reports were flooding into local radio stations last night here in New Zealand of strange lights flashing in the sky. The reports I heard personally, came in from Rotorua, Dunedin, Christchurch & Invercargill (both North and South Island). All reports stated that bright objects were seeing flying through the sky which was accompanied by a brilliant lightshow. The reports stated that shafts of flashing light/lightening strikes were occuring approxmately every 15 seconds and the light was coming from the ground up. All callers reported that the sky had turned a very strange silver colour and one caller who happened to be driving a tanker load full of petrol in Southland stated that he felt like getting the hell out of the tanker and leaving it in the middle of the highway (guess the lightening was a little too close for comfort ;)

Last night while this was occuring in New Zealand the following email arrived from a member of my discussion group who lives in Australia reported this:

It is 10:10 pm here in Melbourne on 26/1/01 and I have just come in with the family (my wife, youngest son & I) from having a spa for the last hour.

At 9:15 pm our chatter was interrupted by a sonic roar that was very audible across the spa filter motor. As we looked up we saw a flame racing across the sky from East to West that was immense in size. The flame was visible for about 3-5 seconds I guess (it felt very much longer than that) before it disappeared. Upon recollecting this with my family the follopwing facts emerge which I want to record before memory fades & facts become dodgy in my mind.

1. The flame was travelling from around 260-270 degrees west to 80-90 degrees east.

2. The width of the flame was almost the size of the width of my thumb.

3. The length of the flame was between 6-9 degrees of the sky.

4. The flame seemed to shudder as it progressed across the arc of the sky. It seemed like when the space shuttle takes off.

5. The sonic boom that accompanied the flame was very low hertz.

6. The boom had the same reverb quality as the flame seemed to visibly indicate.

7. We did not see where the flame originated (where in the arc of the sky it appeared), but when we saw it, after we heard it, it was about 30 degrees up in the sky.

8. The flame went out at about 10 degrees from being directly overhead (meridian).

9. We heard the boom fading for the next 20 seconds & then heard sounds like rolling thunder every now & again for the next 3 minutes.

My speculation is as follows:

I do not know whether this is an object that we saw upon entry into the atmosphere or an object that hit the atmosphere & bounced off back into space.

I suspect that this was a large size piece of space junk or an asteroid of many times normal proportions. I have seen the normal type asteroids during the Leonids etc. but they were only thin pencil marks compared to the line of a super thick marking pen.

The object disapeared into the direction of Sydney & if it did enter & crash I am sure we will hear more about this.

Unquote: I guess I'll hear more about this as further reports come in from last night.


Four Chupacabras attacked a family's home in a rural district of Calama, Chile early Friday morning, January 19, 2001, killing six chickens and a rooster. "A family from the barrio O'Higgins (neighborhood) lived through several frightening hours after having encountered four very strange beasts in their backyard. Neighbors are fearful that it could represent a mass attack by so-called Chupacabra creatures."

"The affected parties, who live in Calle Sargento Aldea 3445 (street) were still unable to convince themselves (of the reality--S.C.) of this singular episode in their lives." The house's owner, Elena W., "was awakened by the of her chickens were kept in a cage in her backyard.. But there were no words to describe her astonishment when she went out to see what was going on and found herself facing four creatures working in unison to open the birdcage." "'At first I thought they were dogs, although I was startled by the fact that they were larger and more hairy,'" she said.

She said she did nothing at first but merely stared at in which two of the beings worked to open the gate 'while the others watched, as if trained or had thought patterns similar to humans.'" "She remarked that, overcoming her fear, she grabbed a club and tried to scatter them away, but the animals' attitude left her petrified. They passed by her so quickly 'that O didn't see them running, I only felt the wind left in their wake as they went past my side.'"

Sra. W. said, "she screamed for her husband to help her, He ran out of the house and after the creatures but he couldn't find any trace of the immense animals when he got to the end of the street. ." "'It was all so strange, as if the critters had vanished into thin air or had been teleported to a different location,'" Sr. W. said. ""After the commotion, the entire family investigated the henhouse and found six dead chickens and one dead rooster, all of which bore the telltale marks of the mythic Chupacabras." "The birds were not devoured but they were left dry (drained of blood--J.T.) with a single wound under the wings. Furthermore, the pen was well-secured and, to judge from the creatures' size, they would have brought the whole structure crashing down if they'd tried to put a foot on the roof,:

"She claimed that at 3:30 a.m. the chickens were still alive 'because the rooster crowed and we were watching movies until four o'clock in the morning, and we still can't explain how the creatures got into the enclosure,'" Sra. W. said. , "then killed the birds noiselessly and then abandoned the premises. It could only be that they flew.'" "But the strangest thing for the family was that their three guard dogs were not even stirred by the presence of the four intruders in the backyard. 'Only when I screamed for my husband did the oldest of the digs wake up to defend me, without the poor thing being able to strike at anything.'" (See the Chilean newspaper La Estrella del Lia for January 20, 2001, "Strange animals stage massive attack." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico, y tambien Gloria Coluchi para eso articulo de diario.)


Four seaside cities in southern Brazil suffered a massive power blackout on Thursday night, January 11m 2001 when a luminous saucer overflew the area. All electrical power was lost in the communities of Santos, Cubatao, Sao Vicente and Praia Grande Picaras. All are located along Brazil's South Atlantic shore, just southeast of Sao Paulo, which is the largest city in South America.

"Following a sudden and unexplained power failure in the region, UFOs were seen over Cubatao and Santos and also in Sao Vicente and on the beach in Praia Grande Picaras. The UFOs remained in view for approximately 20 minutes. The situation took place at about 3:30 a.m." "The blackout was lifted technicians and power line workers restored electricity to the area." Brazil's "Policia Militar were contacted by several Brazilian ufologists but gave no explanation for the sightings or the blackout."

According to Sra. Carmina Moura de Freitas, "My daughter and her friends were having a party on the beach party on the beach" at Praia Grande Picaras "when the lights all went out. While they were listening to the (battery-powered) radio, they heard a burst of static. They looked up and saw a glowing disc flying out to sea," heading southeast towards the South Atlantic Ocean. (Muito obrigado aos Visitantes Cosmicas e tambem Sra. de Freitas por eso caso.)


On Friday, January 19, 1001, at 4:20 p.m., "a large object had been seen above Snaefell mountain, on the north side of the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea.

"A triangular UFO was observed hovering near a (BBC) radio mast at the summit" of Snaefell. Man is a small island west of Wales in UK. "The police have searched but they have no clues to the mystery centered on the summit of Snaefell mountain."

"A full search, including the RAF, IOM (Isle of Man--J.T.) Coastguard, Fire services, Civil Defence and IOM Constabulary, has failed to find any trace of evidence following reports of an aircraft at the top of the mountain. The police received reports yesterday of a large object had been seen above Snaefell." "The reports said that it appeared to strike the large communications mast on the summit. An immediate search of the area, including a helicopter from RAF Valley," an air base in Anglesey, Wales, UK, "failed to find any trace of an accident but continued with the search until 11:10 p.m."

"The police still have no clue as to what it was that had been reported to hit the mast and are appealing to anybody who may have been around Snaefell at 4:20 p.m. yesterday who may have seen anything unusual on the northern side of the island."

UFO Roundup is presently trying to track down an Isle of Man resident who reportedly shot three to four minutes of video footage of the mystery object with his camcorder. The footage reportedly shows a dark triangular object with three red lights, one at each corner, hovering above the tall radio mast. More information will be reported as it becomes available. (Many thanks to ufologist Chris Rolfe (UFOMEK), UFO Magazine (UK) and reporter Cleator for this story.)


"Residents are still wondering what caused a boisterous boom accompanied by a quivering of the ground late Friday," January 19, 2001, "evening. Police and fire dispatchers fielded several calls from folks in Saybrook and Ashtabula Townships and in Ashtabula (population 22,000) who felt the unexplainable tremor around 9:13 p.m. and wanted to know what was going on."

"The two-to-three-second vibration--similar to what one might experience in an explosion--occurred just minutes before a gas main on East 27th Street in Ashtabula Township was reported by an Ohio-American Water crew using a backhoe to fix a water line (pipe--J.T.) leak." "Officials say the two incidents are unrelated." "'The seismographic site did report some kind of blip,' Ed Semppi, director of the Ashtabula County Emergency Management Agency said, 'But there's no reason as to what happened yet.'" "Semppi received a call from an Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office stating that officials from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Geologic Survey in Columbus had noticed a tremor-like vibration at their Jefferson-based seismographic site."

"Three other local seismographic sites, located, located at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland; Lake Erie College in Painseville; and the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland, had no indication of any seismic activity. 'It could have been in the lake close to our site, not close to their sites,' Stemppi said." Ashtabula is on Ohio Route 20 approximately 91 miles (145 kilometers) east of Cleveland. (See the Ashtabula Star-Beacon for January 21, 2001, "Tremble still a mystery." Many thanks to Gerry Lovell for this newspaper article.) (Editor's Comment: Ashtabula was the scene of several UFO sightings during the year 2000. It sounds as if there was a saucer lying on the bottom of Lake Erie just offshore.)


On Thursday evening, January 18, 2001, Matthew I. was outdoors in his hometown of Vanderbilt Pennsylvania when he saw an unusual object in the night sky, "approaching from the northwest." "We saw lights, different colored, which appeared to be together" around the object. "They flew really close to each other. I also got it on film. The lights were round and blinking with white, red, yellow, blue and green. I watched it move around" for a few minutes "before it left." (Email Form Report)

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