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Mr. Jennings,

I was shocked by your UFO special. And not because of anything new and amazing about the subject.
Before you dismiss this letter as a complaint from a wild eyed " true believer" let me explain that I am a professional journalist with about 30 years experience, with thousands of articles published in national and international publications. For over 16 YEARS, I wrote for (the late and lamented) OMNI magazine, often covering ufology. I have personally interviewed almost every UFO investigator you featured on your show and many, many more. I also always looked at the other, skeptical side.
Again, I am not a wild eyed UFO "nut". But I am a REAL investigative reporter.
And your show was a travesty. No one expects you (or, perhaps, I should say your staff) to research every detail of this enormous subject and to cover every detail in 2 hours. But to blow off the Roswell "incident" with the pronouncement there is "no credible evidence", period, is simply irresponsible. Easy and politically correct, but irresponsible.
Of COURSE, Roswell has been turned into a money-making circus and of COURSE there is much questionable "evidence" . But is it journalism to dismiss it all...every witness, every bit of credible research...with a broad brush as huckster "mythology"? Stan Friedman was particularly set up, it seems to me, to be brushed off -- his enormous documentation of possible ET origins of SOMETHING that crashed at Roswell being totally ignored. You couldn't even be bothered to mention he is a
nuclear physicist.
And when you dragged out that tired old "dream paralysis" crap and "reported" it can explain every detail of abductions -- EXCUSE ME.. did your research staff even once relate to you the vast amount of PHYSICAL EVIDENCE associated with abductions? Scars, scoop marks, bloody noses? Or what about the cases involving abductions of multiple people who all remember seeing each other 'there' and relate the same story from different perspectives? (Did they SHARE the same sleep paralysis fantasy?) Or, the fact abductees have often reported UFO sightings during NORMAL WAKING hours prior to their "abduction"? Perhaps I missed something, but I don't think these things were mentioned.
I came away thinking your message was this: yes, there are some strange things in the sky that might be extraterrestrial. But if you think one of these things has crashed, or if you think some creatures inside these UFOs could make contact with humans, well, that's just a myth and there's no evidence. The same old, old shallow lame reporting.
I am terribly disappointed in the program as a journalist, and as a person who truly HAS researched and investigated the phenomema known as UFOs. Your staff didn't. The show was a travesty.

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