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To try and give you a 'visual' of what is related below I have created this image - as you can see the wounds are VERY clean, no blood was on the body whatsoever! The body depicted is almost exactly the same age and coloring as the photos that I saw that day.

Most of you who are interested in the UFO subject will have read about the many cases of Cattle Mutilations that have occurred in many parts of the world over the past 50 years. Most of the cases that I have studied have cantered around the mid-west of the United States, but this bizarre aspect of the UFO phenomena is by no means relegated to the US alone, I've read cases from through the world and other animals who have been targeted are horses; goats; sheep; foxes just to name a few (there has even been cases of mice!).

In this article I will not be discussing any animal mutilation case, what I do wish to share with you is a very disturbing case that has all the hallmarks of being a "Human Mutilation", in that the victim had all the same injuries we've come to associate with the cattle mutilation deaths. Both animal and human mutilation cases have occurred in popular spots like Cancun Mexico to Siberia to the more exotic locales like Riu Jamaica- it's a global phenomena not often mentioned in the mainstream media however

Let me set the scene. Back in 1994 I was approached by a physician living here in New Zealand who wished to meet with me to get my opinion on something that had been disturbing him for some time now. He refused to tell me what the matter was about and kept insisting he needed to show me something. I have had my share of cranks over the years and I would have relegated this individual into that category if it weren't for something in his voice and manner that conveyed the honest conviction of his request. I asked him to meet me at my home but he preferred not to, and instead chose a little cafe in the centre of town as our meeting place.

He did give me his name, and at that particular time he had retired from the medical profession.

I arrived at the cafe at 12.30 and since he had told me to go to the back, that is where I headed for. Being lunchtime the cafe was nearly full, and as I walked past the tables to the rear I saw a man who was sitting alone, facing my direction, get up and move towards me. He obviously knew who I was as there was no hesitation in his eye contact with me, nor his stride towards me. He introduced himself and gestured for me to join him at his table. There were only two seats at the table - one facing the wall and the other one facing opposite which meant I would have had my back to the wall. I began to take the seat nearest to me which meant that I would have been facing the wall - he quickly gestured that he didn't want me sitting there and asked me to change seats. At that moment I didn't understand why on earth he wanted that, but the look on his face told me he had a reason for asking this of me. Later of course I realised that by sitting with my back to the wall, with no one behind me, gave me the opportunity to view what he had brought to show me without the risk of others being able to see what I was looking at.

After we were both seated, he thanked me for meeting with him.

He then proceeded to tell me how he had recently come back from a trip to the United States where during that time he had stayed with another physician friend of his who worked for the US Military. They had been friends and colleagues for a number of years. He proceeded to tell me that during the visit his friend had seemed extremely agitated and wasn't his normal self at all... something weighted heavily on this mans mind. Three days into this stay they were having dinner and his friend had been drinking heavily which was something strange in itself, as he had not seen his friend ever take more than a glass or two of wine in the entire time they had known each other.

As the evening progressed, his friend had started discussing how he had recently seen something very disturbing to him and needed to share this with him. He said he had been working late one night at the base where he was stationed when he was told there had been an accident and they were bringing in a body to which he was to do a preliminary examination of.

He then proceeded to detail the nights events and how the body was brought in with horrific injuries the likes he had never seen before in all the years of his medical career. He said the body had been mutilitated... an eye was missing, an ear. Photos had been taken of the victim as he had been found and these photos accompanied the body. Two of these photos the physician had managed to secure for himself.

It was these two photos that he brought out to show his friend, and it was same photos that were now in the possession of the Physician who sat opposite me in the cafe during that busy bustling lunchtime.

He told me that his friend had asked him to "hold onto" the photos in case anything happened to him, as he just didn't feel safe anymore and besides he hated having them around.

I had listened to what was being told me with very little interruption until he had mentioned that the photos were now in his possession. I asked him whether he had them on him and he nodded in the affirmative.

Now I have seen alleged human mutilation photos before - once by a colleague who had shown me two photos of a naked mans body with the classic signs that accompany the cattle mutilations that I am very familiar with. I have also seen a photo in one of the UFO magazines.

I now realised why I had been asked to sit with my back to the wall. This way I could view them without anyone else seeing what I was looking at.

Before he handed me the photos, he asked me if I had studied many cases of cattle mutilation, and if I could possibly tell the difference from an ordinary wound and one that had the traits of being a mutilation. I explained to him that nothing was a certainty in this field, but I had seen 100's of cases and read all the reports, including the autopsy notes so was very familiar with the wounds sustained in a alleged "mute" case.

He seemed satisfied with the answer and so brought out the photos from his breast pocket and handed them to me in a white envelope.

Now - since I was unable to keep the photos or make detailed notes of them at the time of viewing, the following account of what was in the photos is from the mental note I made of them trying to remember as much detail as I possibly could.

There were two photos. The first was the full frontal of a white male and the second photo was the same male that had been turned on his stomach, so this was the other side of the victim.

The photos had been taken at in a field of lush green pasture. It was difficult to determine how old he was as the face had been so disfigured, that age could not be determined that way.. however the physical appearance of the body was in quite good shape, so I estimate that he was between the age of 20-35.

His facial injuries were almost exactly what I had seen time and time again in the cattle mutilation cases. His left eye had been surgically removed, including the eyelid, his lips had been removed in a very clean and precise cut, so had his left ear, and the left hand side of his jaw had been removed, taking part of the jaw bone and teeth with it. The incision along the jaw line had extended past the removed segment of jaw bone to include a further strip of tissue that stopped about 2 1/2 inches from the base of the chin. I could see no blood at all. No blood around the wounds, no blood on the ground, no blood anywhere.

Next I looked at the torso and saw two very clean cookie cutter pieces that had been removed from the chest area - these would have measured approx 2 inches in diameter. Again no blood could be seen around the wound area. I have often wondered about the lack of blood in the animal cases that I have seen pictures of... I wondered if there was blood but that it was just harder to see due to the sometimes matted, dirty hide/hair of the animal. In this case however, with the victim being human, if there had been spillage of blood, there certainly was no trace of it from what I could see... it had either been cleaned away or wasn't there in the first place.

I moved down the photo to the genital area. The sexual organs had been completely removed. Again no blood was visible.

There appeared to be no injuries to the legs that I could see, so I went onto the second photograph.

The only injury on the second photo was that the entire rectum had been completed cored out which left a very large cavity. This was a very familiar sight - as most cattle mutilations have exactly the same thing. If you haven't seen this before - then it's much like taking and apple and using a corer to remove the inside core/pips. You are left with an extremely clean, incision and the core has been "plugged" right out.

I remember sitting there and saying in a very low murmur... "god I hope this poor bastard was dead before they did this"...

Of course that is the bottom line here... just who are "they"...

After I had looked at the pictures for quite some time I looked up at the physician opposite me and I could see from the look on his face, that he had become rather resigned... I suppose he was hoping I would tell him that these photos bore no resemblance whatsoever to the cattle mutilations.... Unfortunately I couldn't do that, as what I was looking at resembled 100% of what I'd seen with the animal mute cases.

We sat there and discussed things for quite some time. He didn't seem all that interested in telling much more about his friend to whom the photos actually belonged to. It seemed to me that something in him had crossed over to the darker side of human existence... the side that knows something they wish to hell they didn't. I felt sad for him... I know that feeling well. We said out goodbyes and I haven't seen or heard from him since.

It's a strange world indeed....

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