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Harvey Cooke - A Tribute.

It is with deep regret that I have learned of the recent passing of Harvey Cooke, Chairman of the Tauranga UFO Investigation Group. He was one of New Zealand's pioneering Ufologists, and one of "Nature's True Gentlemen".

Harvey was aged 87 years and had been studying UFO's for 52 years.

The pioneering UFO efforts commenced in New Zealand in October, 1952 with the founding, by Harold Fulton, of Civilian Saucer Investigations (New Zealand). This was later followed by the Adamski Correspondence Groups, with the North Island Groups being co-ordinated by Henk and Brenda Hinfelaar in Auckland, and the South Island Groups co-ordinated by Fred and Phyllis Dickeson in Timaru. In 1959, the Hinfelaars changed the group's name to "New Zealand Scientific Space Research Group"

Meanwhile Harvey developed his interest in "Flying Saucers" in 1953, and in a short time commenced regular contact with the existing groups. In 1954 he moved to Tauranga, and following a request from Henk Hinfelaar, formed an "Adamaski Correspondence Group" in Tauranga in 1957. This first meeting was held in a private home, Harvey became the "Group Leader"

This group has continued to function since that time, holding meetings and investigating UFO Reports around the Bay of Plenty region. In 1970 the group changed its name to the "Tauranga UFO Investigation Group". Harvey remained its driving force over the years, with an active support of a committee. During the 1970's they had several guest speakers, including Bruce Cathie, Bill Startup, Harold Fulton, Fred Stone (Australia), Rex Gilroy (Australia) and others. They also organised a Public Lecture in Tauranga for Eric Von Daniken, the well known author/researcher of "Ancient Astronauts".

The group held three highly successful UFO Conferences/Symposiums during the 1970's. I attended the 1978 Symposium as a relative novice to the UFO field, and I recall that this event was well received by all of those who attended.

During the 1990's the group broadened its scope to include itself as "Bay of Plenty Abductee Support Group" - this function more recently has been handed over to Sue Hansen (email:-hansen_ufocus@hotmail.com)

Harvey also made several models of UFO,s over the years and had developed a display on UFO,s at the Tauranga Historic Village. Harvey also gave lectures to various service groups such as "Lions", "Rotary" and others, as well as appearing in the press, and on radio and TV over years.

The Tauranga UFO Investigation Group is the longest continually running UFO group in New Zealand, and possibly worldwide. This is a tribute to both Harvey's commitment and leadership, as well as the support of those committees who worked with him over the last 48 years. It is a legacy which will clearly be hard to equal anywhere worldwide.

Harvey wrote to me Mid-November (2005) to inform me that due to age and health issues he would resign as the groups Chairman at their meeting on 6th December. He advised that Dean Preston (dean_ali@xnet.co.nz) and Ian Lucas (lucas@globe.net.nz) would be taking over the running of these meetings.

Regretably he passed away on Friday 2nd December prior to this meeting.

Whether one agreed or not with his view on UFO's, with Harvey's passing we have lost a great ufologist, friend and gentleman.

Murray Bott
New Zealand Director, Mutual UFO Network.
(P.O.Box 27-117, Mt Roskill, Auckland. 1030.)(Email: murrayb@win.co.nz)
4th December, 2005.

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