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The first time I came face to face with a Grey.

I was 12 years old at the time and my family was living in Papakura Auckland, where we owned and ran a Motel. I remember that night so well and it might as well have been yesterday as all the thoughts and emotions are still so close to the surface of my mind that it’s not hard to put into words what happened that night.

We had guests for dinner that evening and I was really enjoying the company of these two young men that were friends of the family and who had come up to Auckland for a holiday and dropped in for a visit. Well they were kind of cute so to a 12 year old I was probably acting extremely pathetic and hanging off every word they uttered ;). It got to about 9pm and my Mother promptly gave the “get to bed Karen, you’ve got school in the morning” routine. Boy how I didn’t want to go as I was just loving listening to all the stories they were telling and so I gave one of my sour faced looks and headed off to my bedroom which was right off the lounge. It didn’t seem fair that I had to missed out on all the ‘good stuff’ they were talking about, but when Mum said “go to bed” there was no way out of it so I stomped off to my room and closed the door. With the lounge being so close to my room I could still hear them very clearly so I thought “well this isn't’ so bad, I can just lay here and listen to them anyway”.

I put my nightie on and jumped into bed and switched off the light. I snuggled down in the covers but still left them a down a few inches around my face so my ears weren’t covered so I could listen to the conversations in the next room. I’d only been there for just a few seconds when I had the strangest feeling... something was wrong .... I could just ‘feel it’ but there was nothing wrong, surely, as I was ok, laying here in the bed, everything ‘must’ be ok! But that feeling accelerated at such a furious speed that within a matter a seconds I was laying there absolutely terrified without any comprehension as to why! I looked around the room and couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.... I could still hear the others in the next room ... so what on earth was it that was making me start to sweat and shake like this. The fear just keep getting stronger and stronger... then my body started to feel awfully strange... first my feet became numb, then it started to spread up my legs and pretty soon my entire body felt like it was in an iron grip of some unknown force that I couldn’t see, but I sure as hell could sense and feel it!

I managed to lift my head off the pillow and I yelled and screamed with all of my might to everyone in the next room. Have you any idea of what it feels like to scream and have absolutely nothing come out of your mouth - it‘s the most unnerving sensation you can imagine! With the realisation that I couldn’t make a sound no matter how hard I tried, the terror levels rose even more to such a fever pitch that I was sure any second now I was surely going to die of pure fright! But if I thought the worst was happening to me, boy was I mistaken! All of the sudden at the foot of my bed appeared this grotesque creature - at first sight the only thing that would compute in my 12 year old brain was that there was a very large giant mouse standing at the end of my bed. I’ll never EVER forget those eyes... they were so black and large ... and I could see absolutely no emotion or anything that gave me any indication as to what this ‘thing’ was, or what it wanted. It just kept starring at me with those enormous black almond shaped eyes. Then it made a move... just slight at first but when it did that, those eyes became even more sinister to me as I could see they were ‘fluid’ and just like the colour swirl you sometimes see in a petrol spill so where the colours glistening in that creatures eyes. It was definetly ALIVE!

At this point I really and honestly can’t explain to you how afraid I was. Even the saying “Raw Terror” doesn’t even come close to the horror that I was experiencing. There is something so unnerving when you’re looking into the eyes of a creature that for all intents and purposes should NOT be there!! And there is something so chilling about a face and eyes like that, that have no emotion and no humanity in them so that you are unable to ‘read’ the situation. With human beings we can read each others moods, read each others emotions... if they’re sad, angry etc... but with something like this it’s just a blank sinister slate, as I had no reference point as to gauge the demenia of this ‘thing’ that was slowing inching it’s way towards me.

I knew I had to do something so with all the strength remaining inside me I against screamed at the top of my lungs but again nothing came out. I was at it’s mercy - if it had any!

As the creature moved up the side of the bed to just a foot away from me I remember thinking that ‘this is it’ I’m going to die... this is the last thing that I, Karen Lyster, am ever going to see. And as the creature started to bend down over me so that it’s eyes were getting closer and closer I literally blacked out from total fright. I’ve never before or since fainted in my life and so I don’t know if this is normal or not, but I can remember so vividly slipping off into a dark place with still the thoughts running through my head that these were the last images I was ever going to see as I was truly dying.

The next thing I remember is waking up in the morning and I tell you guys I’ve never leapt out of bed so fast in all of my life. I remembered everything about the creature from the night before and for some reason I had this thought in my mind that they’d done something to my right leg so I immediately started to inspect it to see if I could find anything - but there was nothing.

Later I realised that I’d been looking at the wrong leg... they’d obviously made me fixate on the wrong leg when all the time it was the other leg that had the new scoop mark in it. So typical really.

Now I wish I could say that I’ve had some kind of help to find out what happened to me when I passed out, but the fear is still so incredibly strong that even after all these years, I still don’t have the courage to do so.

One things for sure, there is no doubt in my mind that during that experience my body somehow recognised this creature, or ‘what’ this creature was and it reacted accordingly. There is no better way to explain this than to say that I recognised this being on a cellular level - I’m sure of it! My body reacted to it’s ‘impending’ presence long before it actually arrived. That in itself is a fascinating thing because IF our DNA/Biological and subconcious makeup knows who these Beings are then so do WE! And if my reactions are anything to go by then I’d have to say that I most certainly do not class these Beings as friends - nothing good could possibly create that much fear inside of me, nothing good COULD possibly allow me to feel that way and not try to stop it. I have been in some pretty hairy situation in my life and but the fear that I felt that night surpasses them all ... nothing can compare to that ‘raw terror’ experienced by that 12 year old girl as she lay there helpless and at their mercy.

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